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A New Chapter


I signed the contract.

My book, “Sara When She Chooses,” will be published.

The process begins and I’m a sponge eager to absorb every step, because this! this! is what I’ve been hoping, dreaming, working toward.

It’s a strange sensation; a combination panic and anticipation. I really want to work. My literary energy is foaming and fomenting. At the same time, I want the luxury of staring at each step and memorizing it, wallowing in it. I’ve had years of rejections and have learned to appreciate them as sometimes inspirational, sometimes instructional, but mostly as proof to myself that I don’t give up. I’m proud of my incessant head-banging on publishers’ doors.

One of the most important lessons I learned was that sometimes the work is rejected because it’s not done. Revisit. Revise. Don’t be afraid to cut and abandon. You created this thing. It lives inside you. Nothing you do to it on paper will destroy the source from which it came.

You’ve got more in you.

In my own journey, I’ve been asked to submit a brief bio and photo…(visions arise of the nod to the writer contained on the back flap of most dust covers, or the last page of most paperbacks).

I’ve been asked to think about what I’d like to see in the way of cover art. This engendered an internet foray, shamelessly pirating images to try and convey my ideas to the publisher’s illustrator.

I realize I’m about words, but not pictures.

Then came the marketing questionnaire. A weighty list of queries delving into hitherto unexplored areas. What bookstores and radio and TV stations are in my locale? What questions would a reading group enjoy exploring in relation to my book? How would I describe my work to someone interested in buying it?

I realize I’m about words, but not salesmanship.

I begin to realize how much I need the expertise embodied in the publishers, Bedazzled Ink and its subsidiaries.

For a moment, my brain…shifts. This is real.

My life is in the hands of my publishers and then, if all goes well, in the minds of my readers.

It’s a feeling unlike any other. I won’t be the same person at the end of this process. I’m kind of scared.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.



8 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Congratulations!! This is great news!! I am working on my own manuscript. I am hoping you will help me out when the time comes 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear you have a manuscript in progress. I’m not sure how a newbie like me can help, but I’d be glad to! Just never stop writing…

  2. Beparvah !! says:

    Many congratulations to you… it’s an amazing news and starting day with this new information has brought a big smile on my face… superb …. very excited and proud of you.. long long way to go.. my prayers and wishes !! Stay safe and God bless !!

      • Beparvah !! says:

        You are welcome!!
        I can understand, I am working on my manuscript too … and still struggling with its final chapters… I can understand how you are feeling!! I am super excited to read !!
        Dreams when gets accomplished .. makes a life complete…
        My best wishes are there always!!

    • Thank you! I expected just another form rejection, but then two publishers sent contracts. I stared at the email for a good 20 minutes, thinking it must be a mistake. I hope you get to do the same someday!

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