The Drive Home


She walks along the brink,
a land of moon-washed stones
and white-lipped currents.
Whispers hang over the water.
She inhales their damp,
dark call.

This late, only one car passes.

She is framed in his rearview mirror,
for a moment
at the edge.
Odd, he thinks, that someone
is there.
On the cliff.
So late.

He spares another glance.
The mirror reflects her absence.
But it’s late,
and dark,
and he doesn’t think
she’ll mind
if someone else finds
the body.


3 thoughts on “The Drive Home

  1. Oh my! That’s… rendering me speechless… I could imagine the scene… It’s beautiful! 🙂 I’ll settle with that before I start not making sense! :p

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